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Ice Covered Hills
Image by Mulyadi

The Georgia Tech Astrobiology Community is an initiative linking faculty, postdocs, graduate students, and research scientist at the Georgia Tech Schools of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering, and Sam Nunn School of International Affairs. The community offers a graduate certificate program that aims to expand opportunities for students in the interdisciplinary field of astrobiology, which combines astronomy, biology, geosciences, chemistry, and physics to understand the origin, evolution, and possible distribution of life in the universe. 

The ExplOrigins Group is an interest and discussion group affiliated with the GT Astrobiology Community with a goal to bring together young researchers with a needfully diverse set of backgrounds to discuss and explore all variety of recent topics pertaining to the Origins and Evolution of Life, the Exploration of our Solar System, and the Search for Habitable Planets Beyond Earth.

Georgia Tech Astrobiology Community

Atlanta Science Festival 2023 | GT Space Enthusiasts | How Big Is the Solar System, Really?

Georgia tech astrobiology and exploration & origins early career group

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