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Image by Adrien Converse
Image by National Cancer Institute

The chapter promotes bioscience education via community projects. Through professional development, advocacy, and awareness workshops, we train the next generation of scientists in an inclusive, comprehensive, and integrated way. At the same time, we seek to integrate the general community within the scientific environment through “outreach” initiatives. Finally, we offer exposure to “journal clubs” and talks that bring the field of research closer to our members. I was a member in this chapter from 2018 until 2021, and became part of the chapter's directive in August 2020, serving as the chapter's Treasurer for the 2020-21 academic year. Aside from my tasks as a treasurer, I collaborated on the planning and organization of some virtual activities, including the annual symposium and outreach activities. 


5th ASBMB Annual Research Symposium (2018)

Summer Internships Workshop (2018)

Virtual Outreach experience with Homeschool Kids & Fun: Talking about STEAM careers (2021)

Outreach experience at the ACS Chemistry Festival 2018, Paseo de La Princesa, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Virtual Activities (2020):

Symposium & Workshops

Virtual Outreach experience with Today's Kids Montessori School:

Talking about STEAM careers (2021)

American society for biochemistry and molecular BIOLOGY- UPRRP CHAPTER

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